Email is an essential 21st Century tool, and students should get into the habit of checking it at least daily.

For further Google help, look ta our "google troubleshooting" page.

  1. From a Laptop

To access Gmail from the web

  • First log in to RMUnify. (Click here to find out how to do that).

  • Click on the GMail icon.

This method will work on Windows, ChromeOS or MacOS.

If you don't see your school emails, click on the icon in the top right hand corner. You may need to switch accounts to your sbllearning account.

2. From Mobile

This will work for Android, or Apple (iPhone or iPad)

  1. Download the GMail app from your app store.

  2. From settings go to add new account.

  3. Add a Google account.

  4. Your email address is your . You will then be taken to a RMUnify page to sign in. For help here look at our RMUnify page.