Google Drive

Google Drive is very a very useful way of accessing learning material and teacher presentations from home or in school. Teachers use the site to upload items such as presentations and worksheets for you to do as homework, revision or if you have to work from home.

If you are having trouble, please look at our "Google Troubleshooting" page

Google Drive is an online web based document system.

Docs are an online document editor (a bit like Word

Sheets are online spreadsheets a bit like Excel

Slides are online presentations a bit like PowerPoint

One of the biggest advantages is that they allow instant online collaboration with other students or with teachers. It also doesn't matter what sort of computer you are using, and there is no software to buy.

  1. From a Laptop

This will work for any laptop - Windows, ChromeOS or MacOS.

It will also work in any up to date browser - Safari, Edge / Explorer, Opera or Firefox. It is, however, optimised for Chrome.

  1. Log in to RMUnify.

  2. Click on the "Google Drive" icon (as above).

  3. Use the 'NEW' button to create a new file - Doc, Sheet or Slides.

  4. Edit the document. There is no save button. All work is saved autmoatically as you go.

To share the work with either a student or a teacher, use the "Share" button in the top right hand corner. Type the email / name of the person you are sharing with, and press "Send". They will then get an email telling them they can edit the document. If you share with your teacher they will be able to give direct feedback on your work.

2a For Mobile - downloading the apps for Android

There are 4 separate apps to download, all of which are free.

Drive: - This is the file manager
Docs: - This lets you cretae / edit documents
Sheets: - This lets you create / edit spreadsheets.
Slides: - This lets you create / edit slide shows.

2b For Mobile - downloading the apps for Apple

There are 4 separate apps to download, all of which are free.

Drive: Search for "google drive" on the app store. This is the file manager app, and is essential
Docs: Search for "google docs" on the app store. This app allows you to create and edit documents
Sheets: Search for "google sheets" on the app store. With this you will be able to create and edit spreadsheets
Seach for google slides on the app store. This is for creating and editing slideshows (presentations).

3. Using the Mobile Apps.

Once you have launched the Google Drive app, you will be prompted to sign in. Use your email address, and if prompted login to the RMUnify page use the RMUNify help page for guidance. Once logged in, you can create or edit files, and share them with classmates or teachers using the menus in the apps.

Viewing the files in the app is straightforward, but they are harder to edit. If you have a large amount of typing to do, a laptop is usually easier.